On Constructions
Tainted Images

Rodrigo Alonso

Since digital technologies took over the images’ universe, many things have been transformed in the realm of representation. The technological reproducibility that Benjamin envisaged as a way for the masses to attain aesthetical emancipation did nothing but deepen the effects that keep them subdued to the influences of an increasingly powerful capital. In fact, capital has managed to find the way to multiply and spread itself in the feebleness and continuously dynamic of technological tools and its products. This way, digital images are no longer just containers of visual information, but above all, they are instruments for the transmission of certain symbols of hierarchy, power, authority, values and identity ... Read

On 2956 Steps a Day
Rites of Passage

Ariel Authier

All societies have their own rituals; they are organized around them. These are activities that put together gestures and objects with specific places in situations that are staged under a more or less previously conceived order. From the radical aspects of the human sacrifices made by native Mesoamericans, to the contemporary moderation of shaking hands when greeting someone, formalism, symbolism and repetition have always been the fundamental characteristics of a ritual. Repetitions that the camera managed to neatly represent after de development of the ability to reproduce and fix images in surfaces, …Leer

On admin:admin
The disturbing idea of being an accomplice.
A paranoid thought about Gonzalo Gutiérrez’ admin:admin

Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias

There is a generalized idea that assumes that each artwork is a comment on the world from which it emerges, that every idea of art has a correlation to an idea of the world in which that artwork takes place. Thus, the work is expected to take a position in relation to the conditions it is signaling to. This position might adopt different tones or attitudes: It might be praiseworthy or celebratory, merely illustrative or descriptive or it might take a critical, ironic or even grotesque view, among the many possible rhetorical ways of constructing a sign. These diverse approaches are also possible in the, if you want, analogous field of dialogue. In the art of good conversation, experts say, it is more important to listen than to speak loudly, to understand what the right questions are rather than having the answers always ready. In this sense, that list of possible positions to be taken could be completed by those works that, after being experienced and analyzed, leave us with questions, stacked one on top of the other, and burden us with the proper discomfort of an unresolved problem ... Read


Elda Harrington y Silvia Mangialardi

Gonzalo Gutierrez explores a deeply revealing and somehow disturbing subject: The process of construction of our ideals and the fantastical components of our memories. His work invites to place the question: Who is ready to face the fact that many of our certainties that are transmitted an imposed by the many discourses coming from family, schools, social mandates and accentuated by mass media, are far from what really counts and even neglects the sensitive? ... Read